29 oktober 2006

A very good week

I've had a very good week.

First of all, I had the week of as it is autumn vacation in our region.

I've passed the theoretical part of my drivers licence test. (On the first try! Whoohoo!)

Carved my first pumpkin! And had so much fun doing that.

15 oktober 2006

October so far

The first of october we (my family, and two friends) went to the Efteling. The best amusement parc in the Netherlands. It was very nice weather and we had so much fun! At the end of the day I took a group shot.

Just yesterday I had a workshop at Piens's scrapbookstore. I enjoyed it very much to finnaly meet Regina. I bumped into her in the Efteling, but having a chance to talk to her and learn from her was so inspiring.

We made a minibook and one layout. I'm hoping to finish them some time soon and will try to post them on my blog.