11 augustus 2006


Challenges have always kickstarted my creative process, so Photo Friday is no exception. I love the challenge it set for this week. Four, it immediately rang some bells.

We have four computers! Three of them have acces to the internet. One is currently a work in progress, and will have internet acces shortly. We all love being able to connect to the world, as we have quite different interests.

My parents have four children. My sister and my brothers, fifteen years old, and me, twentytwo years old.

My sister is a huge fan of the German rockgroup Tokio Hotel and as I walked by her room I saw these posters. They were perfectly aligned, beautiful! As there are four posters and four members of the group I thought it was perfect.

Funny how one simple number (4) can tell many things about my (and my family's) life.

10 augustus 2006

Catching up...

July went by as fast as lightning, or so it seemed. A bit of working and a lot of relaxing going on. I was a bit bummed about that fact that Jan Ullrich was banned from the Tour de France. Thankfully the tour was brilliant and exciting as ever.

Last thursday, friday and saturday my parents, my brothers, my sister and me went to Disneyland resort Paris. Really exciting as it was our first time there. (No lying; Anita, my sister, went three years ago, but only one day and on a very hot day.) We had so much fun meeting the disney characters, looking around the shops and trying the rides!

Just yesterday I went to the zoo with my neighbour. (7 year old Natascha) I just loved seeing all those animals. We went to the Blijdorp zoo in Rotterdam. It has been two years since my last visit, a few things have changed, but there are always so many things I recognize. I've been visiting this zoo frequently since I was a little girl. I've been there with friends, with my grandparents and my parents, brothers and sister. When I was attending the PABO (teacher school :) ), the zoo was literally just around the corner, so we had many of our biology lessons there.