19 juni 2006

Just a random day

That's how I feel about today. Just a random day. Just another day, like so many before it. I shouldn't complain though. There were some things that made it less random.

Went to the nursing home that is right next to the school I work. My class, the other teacher and I went over there to eat pancakes at the ward where the people with alzheimers stay. Sometimes they come to visit our school and today we went to visit them. The children hada blast, some ate as many as 10 or 15 pancakes!

Reflecting on loads of things as this schoolyear draws to an end. Looking back on the past year, so happy to have found a work environment where I can just be me. Happy that everyone in our family is happy and healthy.

On the subject of the reflecting... My family. Left to right, my mother, my brother Peter, my sister Anita, my brother Erik and me. (Covered my dad enough yesterday ;) )

18 juni 2006

Busy week...

First things first... Happy Fathers Day to all of you!

This is my dad, whom I adore. I have a really strong conetion with my dad. We can talk about anything. We can have a brilliant time just being together, doesn't matter where or when. My mum says I have always been my father's girl, ever since I was born. We have the same interests, we are both evening persons, we like talking with people we love, we get calm when driving a car and we hate long shopping sprees, but love buying things we like.

Yay! I got my first mail delivery with scrapbook delight! I love the products and have read the CK front to back and back to front. A new batch of scrapbook supplies is already on it's way.

Lovely cake, right? I decorated it myself. With all my colleagues we had an excursion. We decorated a cake with marzipan, we got a workhop from Arta la Tarta. Afterwards we ate tapas dinner at La Cazuela, basicly the same place we got the workshop, but a bit reorganized.

All in all a busy week. In the weekend lots of scrapping going on, two of my friends came over and we croppped. Today celebrating Fathers Day and a couple of birtday parties to go to.

12 juni 2006

Man, it's hot outside!

Me on the beach yesterday. Totally relaxed! I love going to the beach. Swimming, relaxing, reading and drinking lots of fluids.

Got a little sunburn today, have been outside the whole day. My class (I'm a teacher) was on a field trip today, to Drievliet. I had so much fun. I went on a couple of rollercoasters and I got soaked on the Jungle River. To bad I forgot to take my camera. But with all the heat I doubt if I would have thought about taking pictures...

11 juni 2006

So exited!

I've ordered scrapsupplies online, for the first time... I can't wait to get my hands on them!

Some of my favorite products are coming my way. The 7 gypsies 97 % complete tags (Evidence & Note to self), I just love them, they're so cute! And I've finnaly ordered the June issue of Creating Keepsakes, that is so hard to get over here! Also stocking up on my Heidi Swapp goodies, some large and small photocorners and some indextabs.

This is my first blog in june. I don't have any BIG plans. Some things going on... Lots of work to be done before the summervacation begins. (That's four weeks from now!) So june will be a busy month workwise...

As for scrapbooking I've been looking into ways to get published, but haven't taken any action yet. I think I'm going to wait until I have some more time to focus on the scrapbooking. Momentarely al my free time goes into relaxing and spending time with my family.

Well, I'm heading to the beach, getting some relaxing done while spending time with my family. (Big thumbs up) Fingers crossed for our Dutch soccer team at the Fifa worldcup in Germany.