26 november 2006


I never knew the English word for "zuinig" was thrifty, until I found the Dutch Dares. As you probably know I like a challenge. That's how the following layot came to be.

The journaling is in dutch, here's the translation;


• adjective (thriftier, thriftiest) careful and prudent with money.

— DERIVATIVES thriftily adverb

Say thrifty and I think of my mother, she participates in everything to save money, collects bonuspoints and so on. She always talks together another bonus. I also think about my father, who gets his beer at the supermarket with the biggest discount and stops for gas at the gas station with the lowest price.

I'm not thrifty, after all, you only live once. On my own, I try to get the Dutch economy back on track.

I'm thrifty about my family, sice the car accident that my mother had on fathersday 2005. It became painfully clear to me that you should be the thriftiest about your family. And so I spend quite a lot of my money n nice things for my sister, my brothers and my parents.

Products used;
cardstock and patterened paper - Basic Grey
Computer font - Century gothic
Punch (star) - tom tas
Pen - Stabilo and Sakura
Dictionary words - van Dale

18 november 2006

Just having fun.

'What will your obituary say?' at QuizGalaxy.com

What will your obituary say? Go and find out now, lol.