19 juni 2006

Just a random day

That's how I feel about today. Just a random day. Just another day, like so many before it. I shouldn't complain though. There were some things that made it less random.

Went to the nursing home that is right next to the school I work. My class, the other teacher and I went over there to eat pancakes at the ward where the people with alzheimers stay. Sometimes they come to visit our school and today we went to visit them. The children hada blast, some ate as many as 10 or 15 pancakes!

Reflecting on loads of things as this schoolyear draws to an end. Looking back on the past year, so happy to have found a work environment where I can just be me. Happy that everyone in our family is happy and healthy.

On the subject of the reflecting... My family. Left to right, my mother, my brother Peter, my sister Anita, my brother Erik and me. (Covered my dad enough yesterday ;) )


Blogger Terri said...

What a cool thing to do - I am sure it makes the patients really happy!

20 juni, 2006 01:52  

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